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  • Kancolle

    "Kancolle" Wisteria trellis in the ・・・
    Wisteria trellis that appeared in the first episode of ED. Episode 1, 22 minutes・・・
  • Chihayafuru

    Cherry trees that Chihaya was reuni・・・
    Here is where the Chihaya and Taichi has been reunited with Arata. Episode 5, 6・・・

    "Market Garden" of signboard in Oar・・・
    After a practice game with the St. Gloriana, Nishiju visit in Oarai-Resort-Outle・・・
  • Ocean Waves

    Morisaki's high school
    Prefectural Kochi Otemae High School became a model of Morisaki's school. This ・・・
  • Chihayafuru

    Place Arata was chasing Chihaya wit・・・
    Arata desperately chases Chihaya and Taichi's train. However, the train has gone・・・
  • Tour

    Pilgrimage to Kancolle "Kure chinju・・・
    Kancolle is a popular browser game to fight and grow "Kanmusu" who personified t・・・
  • Macross δ

    Station in Ending "When My Rune Shi・・・
    This station is to appear in the ending of the Macross δ"When My Rune Shines Bri・・・
  • Macross δ

    Elevated railway in Ending "When My・・・
    This elevated railway is to appear in the ending of the Macross δ"When My Rune S・・・
  • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

    Park that Mikuru has confessed that・・・
    "Episode 4. Team SOS explored the city in search of phenomena such as mystery. K・・・
  • Touken Ranbu

    Hiroshima Castle is exhibited perma・・・
    Nihongou is one of the spear, which is said to be the world three great spear. I・・・
  • Kitaro

    Yōkai Shrine
    There is a Yōkai Shrine on Mizuki Shigeru Road. It is a 6-minute walk to the eas・・・
  • Beyond the Boundry

    Kuriyama-san fight beyond the bound・・・
    Episode 11, 10 minutes and 46 seconds. Akihito reads the e-mail from Kuriyama-sa・・・
  • Your name.

    Hidafurukawa station 3
    ”Spoiler Alert!" Taki-kun visited Hida region to look for Mitsuha's town. It wi・・・
  • Beyond the Boundry

    Kashiharajingu Mae station
    Kuriyama-san goes to school by train. Kashiharajingu Mae station is the nearest ・・・
  • Macross δ

    School in Ending "When My Rune Shi・・・
    This school is to appear in the ending of the Macross δ"When My Rune Shines Brig・・・



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