Samurai will guide Nippon's treasure (manga, animation, game, food, festival, event, fashion etc.).




Samurai will guide Nippon's treasure (manga, animation, game, food, festival, event, fashion etc.).
  • Haikyu

  • Love Live! Sunshine!!

  • Miyoshiya

  • Yuki Yuna is a Hero

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    • GIRLS und PANZER

      Last battle place of practice game ・・・
      In St. Gloriana's practice game, this is the location where Ankou team's Mk.Ⅳ an・・・
    • Love Live!

      "Kanda Mojin" Spiritual places
      Tojo Nozomi is a miko at the Kanda Myojin Shrine. In addition, it is Honoka's pr・・・
    • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

      "House with a garage" The Melanchol・・・
      It is a house with a garage. This house has appeared in the anime (Episode 1, 1 ・・・
    • Udon experience. Reservation required.

      Udon experience. Reservation required.
    • Beyond the Boundry

      Clock in front of the station
      This clock in the station square appeared in Episode 2 20 minutes 26 seconds.
    • Kancolle

      "Kancolle" Chinju-fu
      The Navy base"Chinju-fu" appears in the opening. The model is based on the forme・・・
    • My Neighbor Totoro

      Satsuki and Mei's house
      This is "Satsuki and Mei's house" in the Aichi Expo Memorial Park. it is a repro・・・
    • Haikyu

      Takesawa store
      It is the "Takesawa shop" which is located in the city of Karumai which served a・・・
    • Girls und Panzer -movie version-

      the statue of Ninomiya Kinjiro
      It is the statue of Ninomiya Kinjiro that is in the courtyard of the school. It ・・・
    • Love Live! Sunshine!!

      the dive shop where Kanan works.
      This is the dive shop where Kanan works. Awajima's "Frog Museum" served as a mod・・・
    • Love Live! Sunshine!!

      the jetty of Awajima
      It is the jetty of Awajima. This is where you can get to Awajima. When Chika and・・・
    • Non Non Biyori

      Asahigaoka school entrance
      No sign of 「Annex Asahioka」, yet we are at the entrance of the building. In open・・・
    • Girls und Panzer -movie version-

      Central stairs
      It is the central staircase that the schoolboys of 1st grade go down, when they ・・・
    • Macross δ

      Elevated railway in Ending "When My・・・
      This elevated railway appears in the end credits of Macross δ "When My Rune Shin・・・
    • Haikyu

      model of the high school of Torino ・・・
      It is the model of the high school of Torino that Shoyou and the others study. K・・・

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    What's "Tourism samurai"?

    Samurai is a hero of the soul of Japan. I made a country, protected the country, lived with the country.
    The samurai cried out for a long time, powered up and came down to the present age.

    To make us rediscover Nippon 's heart, which we tend to forget otherwise.
    To rekindle the passion and pride of Samurai we forgot.

    Samurai protected the country and flourished the country.
    It is so to speak as a national guer who will guide tourists from other countries.

    The tourist attraction of nationalities, umamon, technical crafts, art & music etc. recommended by that samurai
    Samurai people who have come down beyond the spacetime will inform you of the most popular Nippon.