Samurai will guide Nippon's treasure (manga, animation, game, food, festival, event, fashion etc.).




Samurai will guide Nippon's treasure (manga, animation, game, food, festival, event, fashion etc.).
  • Haikyu

  • Your name.

  • ASOKO Minamihorie

  • Gunparade March

  • Recommended Articles

    • Girls und Panzer -movie version-

      Corridor behind the lecture hall
      (39 minutes 44 seconds) This is the place just after go up the central staircase・・・
    • Haikyu

      model of the high school of Torino ・・・
      It is the model of the high school of Torino that Shoyou and the others study. K・・・
    • Non Non Biyori

      Tobidashi boy's dall sign for drive・・・
      It is the landscape of the village where Renchon lives at the beginning of chapt・・・
    • GIRLS und PANZER

      "Oarai Marin Tower" Oarai of the sy・・・
      This huge blue building is located in Oarai-machi. This is a symbol of Oarai "Oa・・・
    • Hatsune Miku

      Snow Miku menu
      Snow Miku collaboration menu can be eaten at" PRONTO New Chitose Airport shop "n・・・
    • Your name.

      Ochiai bus stop
      ”Spoiler Alert!" Taki-kun visited Hida region to look for Mitsuha's town. They ・・・
    • 6th-8th Jul. Tanabata event of Shitennoji Temple

      Tanabata festival in Shitennouji
      Tanabata is the Star Festival.
    • Traditional whale meals

      I would like you to know whale meals, which is a traditional Japanese food cultu・・・
    • Non Non Biyori

      Slopes with guardrails
      While the adults proceed to the Michibushin, Renchon and the others play to the ・・・
    • KAWAII originating base

      Shibuya 109 Abeno
      KAWAII originating base
    • ramen, good for foreign tourist

      you can enjoy unique ramen. It is very original.
    • Chihayafuru

      Place Arata was chasing Chihaya wit・・・
      Chihaya and Taichi's train departs at Episode 5, 18 minutes 55 seconds. They sti・・・
    • Kancolle

      "Kancolle" Alley Karasukojima park
      It is the place where she was running early in the morning. Episode 2, 42 second・・・
    • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

      "Stairs of shortcut" The Melancholy・・・
      Kyon climbed this staircase in the first episode (27 seconds) of the anime . It ・・・
    • expierience of Sushi, Japanese food

      Samurai cooking at Cheers
      you can expierience of Sushi, Washoku, Okonomiyaki.we can teach how to cook. And・・・

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    What's news

    What's "Tourism samurai"?

    Samurai is a hero of the soul of Japan. I made a country, protected the country, lived with the country.
    The samurai cried out for a long time, powered up and came down to the present age.

    To make us rediscover Nippon 's heart, which we tend to forget otherwise.
    To rekindle the passion and pride of Samurai we forgot.

    Samurai protected the country and flourished the country.
    It is so to speak as a national guer who will guide tourists from other countries.

    The tourist attraction of nationalities, umamon, technical crafts, art & music etc. recommended by that samurai
    Samurai people who have come down beyond the spacetime will inform you of the most popular Nippon.