Samurai will guide Nippon's treasure (manga, animation, game, food, festival, event, fashion etc.).




Samurai will guide Nippon's treasure (manga, animation, game, food, festival, event, fashion etc.).
  • Mikakunin De Sinkoukei

  • Yuru Yuri

  • Kitaro

  • Captain Harlock

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      Nankai hanten
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      School in Ending "When My Rune Shi・・・
      This school appears in the end credits of Macross δ "When My Rune Shines Bright"・・・
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      A way to escape from a kiss
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      Railroad crossing that Haruhi began・・・
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    • Yuru Yuri

      The path along the Senbo River
      It is the path along the river that appears in the first scene of "Yuruyurisan H・・・
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      A crossroads where there is a shop Sakanosita. It was the place where the three ・・・
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    • Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

      Beach 1
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    • Mikakunin De Sinkoukei

      taxi stand at the west exit of Kori・・・
      Hakuya came home to the mountain without saying anything suddenly. Kobeni heads ・・・
    • Non Non Biyori

      Rice field with cows
      Hotaru came to picnic with Komari-senpai. They promised to exchange their meal, ・・・
    • good for Shabushabu.

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    • GIRLS und PANZER

      Ankou team escape route
      In St. Gloriana's practice game, Ankou's team fled through this road.(Episode 4・・・
    • Touken Ranbu

      The Ishikiri Tsurugaya shrine
      The Ishikiri Tsurugaya shrine, better known as "Ishikirisan", located in Osaka i・・・

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    What's news

    What's "Tourism samurai"?

    Samurai is a hero of the soul of Japan. I made a country, protected the country, lived with the country.
    The samurai cried out for a long time, powered up and came down to the present age.

    To make us rediscover Nippon 's heart, which we tend to forget otherwise.
    To rekindle the passion and pride of Samurai we forgot.

    Samurai protected the country and flourished the country.
    It is so to speak as a national guer who will guide tourists from other countries.

    The tourist attraction of nationalities, umamon, technical crafts, art & music etc. recommended by that samurai
    Samurai people who have come down beyond the spacetime will inform you of the most popular Nippon.