Samurai will guide Nippon's treasure (manga, animation, game, food, festival, event, fashion etc.).




Samurai will guide Nippon's treasure (manga, animation, game, food, festival, event, fashion etc.).
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  • Aizen Matsuri

  • Ocean Waves

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    • My Neighbor Totoro

      Satsuki and Mei's house
      This is "Satsuki and Mei's house" in the Aichi Expo Memorial Park. it is a repro・・・
    • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

      "Koyoen Station" The Melancholy of ・・・
      "Koyoen" station is the nearest station to Kyon. "Koyoen" station is modeled on ・・・
    • Chihayafuru

      ”Omi Jingu” Seichi of Karuta
      Omi Jingu was erected in 1940. The enshrined deity is Emperor Tenchi. Emperor Te・・・
    • Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

      Toilet in East Mihama Station
      Episode 7 5: 04 At Higashimihama station. Shinka washed the shirt of Makoto h・・・
    • Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

      Convenience store at night
      Episode 8 16: 28 Makoto and Kumin senpai went to a convenience store on the w・・・
    • KAWAII originating base

      Shibuya 109 Abeno
      KAWAII originating base
    • bicycle tour

      Cycle Osaka
      Welcome to Cycle Osaka! We offer small group bike adventures in Japan’s coolest ・・・
    • Kitaro

      Bronze statue of Kitaro and Medama-・・・
      There is a bridge on Mizuki Shigeru Road. It is a 6-minute walk east of the stat・・・
    • Kancolle

      "Kancolle" Wisteria trellis in the ・・・
      Wisteria trellis appear in the first episode ending (22 minutes 55 seconds). The・・・
    • Beyond the Boundry

      Clock in front of the station
      This clock in the station square appeared in Episode 2 20 minutes 26 seconds.
    • Beyond the Boundry

      Way of Shindo photo studio
      This is the way to Shindo photo studio. Shindo photo studio is based on the "co・・・
    • Japanese paper experience

      "Workshop where you can experience the Japanese paper, inscribed in the intangib・・・
    • sundies goods

      ASOKO Minamihorie
      The pop designs typical of the sundries goods store originating in Osaka are pop・・・
    • Ocean Waves

      Tenjinbashi, view from the parking ・・・
      There is a scene when he goes to the airport by taxi (30:24). The scenery is fr・・・
    • Bar for train lover

      Tetudoubar Eki
      Cozy bar on the 1st floor of the hi-hi town. It is the best for railway lovers, ・・・

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    What's "Tourism samurai"?

    Samurai is a hero of the soul of Japan. I made a country, protected the country, lived with the country.
    The samurai cried out for a long time, powered up and came down to the present age.

    To make us rediscover Nippon 's heart, which we tend to forget otherwise.
    To rekindle the passion and pride of Samurai we forgot.

    Samurai protected the country and flourished the country.
    It is so to speak as a national guer who will guide tourists from other countries.

    The tourist attraction of nationalities, umamon, technical crafts, art & music etc. recommended by that samurai
    Samurai people who have come down beyond the spacetime will inform you of the most popular Nippon.