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It is the place where the member of the friendly university team Karl-Gerät is deployed in the cinematographic work. The Taushubetsu Bridge, located at Lake Nukabira, served as a model. Originally, this railway bridge was built for the transport of wood. This is the place where the Donguri section offers Karl-Gerät's partners "passive killing strategy", the BT-42 high school is particularly excited for the great battle. This is the glorifying scene for Keizoku. This place is nevertheless difficult to visit among the animated sites. It is very far, and very badly served, this bridge Taushubetsu is also nicknamed "the bridge of the illusion". It is not possible to see it at any time, since it can be engulfed according to the level of Lake Nukabira. In previous years it became apparent when the lake was frozen in January when the dam level was low. At the beginning of May, all the ice of the lake melts, giving a glimpse of the bottom of the lake. In the cinematographic work, there is only that moment when we find the same landscape. From June, the lake level rises, reaching its peak around August. (The level may vary according to the precipitation of the year) The period to admire this "bridge of illusion" is therefore very restricted. Accesses to this bridge are reserved for authorized vehicles, so there are only 3 ways to visit it. ①Admire the bridge from the panoramic Taushubetsu on the opposite shore. (It's quite far away) ② Participate in the paid tour of the Higashi Daisetsu Guide Center. ③After driving Tokachi Seibu Shinrin Kanrisho Higashi Daisetu branch. (Only in summer) ② is recommended, as it includes explanations in the guide. You will also be able to meet all kinds of animals on the way. Since it is submerged every year, it bears more traces of aging than other bridges built in the same period, it is possible that it collapses in case of a strong earthquake. Let's hurry to visit them! Onsen Nukabura is 1 hour and 30 minutes away by bus or car from JR Obihiro Station. The guided tour starts from this point, so it can be nice to also enjoy onsen. It is also possible to experiment with smelt fishing on the frozen lake during the winter.

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