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At the North Shinkansen exit of Kokura station you can admire the bronze statues of Galaxy Express 999, Maetel, Tetsuro, or Captain Harlock. These statues were created on the occasion of the opening of the Museum of the Manga of Kitakyushu in 2012. The great director of the Museum happens to be the mangaka Reiji Matsumoto. At the inauguration ceremony, Matsumoto explained that the characters of these statues are actually those he invented before he even became a mangaka while living in Kokura. The statue of Captain Harlock is situated a little more to the right of the Museum of the Manga of Kitakyushu than Maetel and Tetsuro. A beautiful Captain Harlock made of bronze that crosses the arms. If you come to Kokura, this is the opportunity to take a picture by his side!

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