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The old school building of Toyosato elementary school was the inspiration for Sakuragaoka Girls High School where Yui Hirasawa goes. The old school building was built by American architect Vories in 1937. At that time, this beautiful building was called the "best elementary school in the East".
The old school building is currently a registered tangible cultural property. The building is open to visitors. The third floor of the music room, the K-ON! Clubroom has been reproduced. This is "After School Tea Time" !
Opening hours are weekdays 8:30 am~5:00pm, Saturday and Sunday is 9:00 am~5:30pm.
It takes about one hour by train from Kyoto. It is a 10-minute walk from toyosato station which is the nearest station. In case you want to help in renovations and preserving this beautiful building, consider making a donation!

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