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"Your name." takes place in Hida, Gifu Prefecture. However, the shape of Lake Itomori is based on Lake Suwa. Lake Suwa is located in Nagano Prefecturewhich is the hometown of director, Shinkai.
A fireworks show is held in August at Lake Suwa. About 40,000 fireworks are launched during the event . If you're doing a pilgrimage of sacred grounds there, August is the best time.
Tateishi park is a great place that overlook Lake Suwa. This park is located on the east side of the lake. The evening and night view are especially beautiful. This park has been chosen as one of Japan's top 100 night views. Dawn is the best time to go.
Tateishi park is a 10-minute drive from JR Kamisuwa Station, it takes 45-minute to walk there.

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