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”Spoiler Alert!"
Taki-kun visited Hida region to look for Mitsuha's town. This is Ajidokoro Furukawa. This is Muku Furukawa. It is the place where Tsukasa and Okuda-senpai were eating Gohei Mochi. Gohei Mochi is skewered sweet rice cakes served with soy sauce and miso.
This is a popular Japanese restaurant near Hidafurukawa Station. It is located about 7 minutes on foot west from the station. You can eat set food and curry with Hida beef, then Hidafurukawa Ramen etc. However, there is no Gokohira mochi... If you want to eat Gokohira mochi, you can eat at a nearby Okadaya.
And you can also buy special products and souvenirs. You should eat lunch here.

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