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Here is the station that appears when Mitsuba takes a train to see Taki in Tokyo. It is often said that it is modeled on the Meda Minami station. The scene, however, is Hida. One wonders why it is an Akita station that was taken as a model. Maeda Minami station is a station of the Akita Nairiku Jûkan Railway line, which connects Takanosu and Kakunoate. It is a station without employees located two stops from the Aniai station famous for its Matagis. In the waiting room of the station there is a notebook Your Name in which the people who come on pilgrimage leave little words. Do not hesitate to leave one yourself if you are passing through. Nearby is the famous Kuchikami Sake. Only a few trains per day serve these stations. If you are going there, be sure to check the train schedules beforehand. In addition, given the current risk of accidents between the Kobuchi and Aniai stations, including the Maeda Minami station, the train may not be servicing the stations between Takanosu and Kakunodate. Moreover, it is currently necessary to take the bus, between the stations Obuchi and Aniai, making it difficult to take a picture of the train and the station at the same time. The date of restoration of the situation has not yet been determined.

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