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Awajima is a deserted island floating on the shore of Suruga, today is a theme park called "Ashimawari Marine Park". It is the island that served as a model, and where are located the dive shop in which Kanan works, the "Love Live! Sunshine", or the house of Mari, "Hotel Ohara". As the whole island is transformed into a theme park, it is necessary to pay 1800 Yen (price including the round trip by ferry) per adult to enter. Chika and You also used the ferry to reach the island to visit Kanan in the first chapter. (9 minutes 43 seconds) On this island is a "frog museum" with rare specimens, as well as an aquarium. You can see dolphins or sea lion shows among others. You can also see Mt. Fuji from this island. Let us look around of this pilgrimage to visit the surroundings of the island.

Access Map