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Shitenhoji Junior High is one of strongest school in the Kansai area. The model was Shitennoji Junior High School in Tennoji Ward, Osaka City, They were surprised that" There is a school in the temple ", in fact the school is inside Shitennoji temple. (Part 1 2:45)
Shitennoji temple is regarded as one of the seven temples Shotoku Taishi built, the oldest public temple in Japan founded in 593. The place name Tennoji is the abbreviation for this "Shitenno-ji Temple". Also, before Osaka bay was close to Shitennoji Temple, it seems that you could see the beautiful setting sun from here. For that reason, there is still a place name "Yuhigaoka" or sunset hill. Let's visit Shitennoji Temple. Shitennoji is a 10-minute walk to the north from Tennoji Station.

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