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Episode 1. Opening scene. The cherry trees of Yoshino. 「Saki-Achiga-hen」 is set in the town of Yoshino in the prefecture of Nara. For a very long time Yoshino is a famous place as a picturesque site for its cherry trees. A site to visit without fail at the time of blooming. One can imagine that the cherry trees that appear at the beginning of the episode are those that are discovered from the location Empress Dowager Shōken Onotachi-ato, a place of memory that is found going up the Nanamagarisaka then continuing for a few moments on the slope to the right. From this place the Empress Dowager Shōken contemplated the sight of these cherry trees, hence the name given to her. Looking down, the cherry trees of Nanamagarisaka appear. You can also see the cable car that go back and forth between the station. In the Yoshino Mountains, this splendid location is worth a visit. From the station you can of course take the cable car, but to really enjoy the cherry trees, it is better to climb the Nanamagarisaka by all along the way.

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