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This is "Satsuki and Mei's house" in the Aichi Expo Memorial Park. it is a reproduction of Satsuki and Mei's house from the anime "My Neighbor Totoro" . And its not only the outside of the house that is reproduced. Dad’s den, the kitchen, the bathroom, Satsuki's study room have all been reproduced. "My Neighbor Totoro" takes place in 1958. All of the decorations and furniture are from this era. This makes the house interesting in both fans of the anime, but also for 1950's aficionado's with the house giving a sneek peek in the Japanese life of that era.

Ferris is a complete replacement system (30 minutes), you need a ticket (510 yen). Tickets sell out very quickly, so it is advisable to buy one in advance.
You can take pictures of the house's exterior. Unfortunately taking pictures inside of the house is not allowed. Also remember that eating or drinking is not allowed.
The nearest station Aichi Expo Memorial Park Station. It takes about 40 minutes by subway and linimo from Nagoya.
The park is very wide, it takes about a 20-minute walk to "Satsuki and Mei's house" from the station. So take this into consideration when booking the tickets.

Access Map