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The Atsuta Shrine in Nagoya is known as a Shinto shrine dedicated to one of the three sacred treasures, the "Kusanagi sword". For this reason, the Atsuta Shrine has a lot of swords dedicated to it. Ōdachi appears in the game, "Touken Ranbu". Taro Tachi and Jiro Tachi has also been dedicated to Atsuta Shrine. Taro Tachi and Jiro Tachi part of the the Treasure Museum's collection. Taro Tachi is on permanent display in the entrance hall of the Treasure Museum. If Taro Tachi has been lended, Jiro Tachi will be exhibited instead.
Taro Tachi has a length 221.5cm and weigh 4.5kg. It's official name is "Magara Tachi".
Many Japanese swords can't be seen. However, Taro Tachi can be at any time, we're lucky!
The entrance fee is 300 yen for the Treasure Museum. The nearest station to Atsuta Shrine is Jingumae Station.
If you go to Nagoya and go to Atsuta Shrine, let's take a look at this sword.

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