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The Café Salute is the place where you can taste the "Katsudon piroshiki" in "Yuuri !!! on ICE". The Katsudon that Yurio liked when he was in Japan. After his return to Russia, the great father of Yurio prepared for him a piroshiki with Katsudon. (Animated chapter 8) The coffee Salute is a coffee of a rare type, because it is specialized in Russian cuisine. Originally, there are many variations of piroshiki. The menu that was born following the request of Yourifan is this famous Katsudon piroshiki (300 Yen). Breaded pork, eggs, rice and sweet onions. Here are the ingredients contained in the piroshiki.We recommend the mini-menu for lunch (860 Yen, menu including piroshiki, mini-bolshichi, salad and drink). This would be perfect with a Lou chai ski after the meal. The Russian tradition would be to eat jam after a sip of tea. You probably know if you're a fan of Garupan. The nearest station to the Salute Cafe is the Okegawa station on the JR line from Takasaki. It is a 15 minute walk from the resort. The café is open from 9am to 8pm. Weekly closure every Wednesday. Since the number of Katsudon piroshiki menus is limited, we advise you to go there without delay.

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