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"Chihayafuru" is a girls' comics where the competitive game of karuta is the main theme. "Chihayafuru" is a popular work that was awarded the 2nd Manga Award and the 35th Kodansha Manga Award girl department. The first season was broadcast in
2011 and, the second season in 2013. A movie adaptation was released in 2016 in which Suzu Hirose is leading actress.
Seichi of Chihayafuru is three places. Tokyo Fuchu, Fukui Prefecture Awara, Shiga Prefecture Otsu.
This time ,let's turning Fukui Prefecture Awara. This is Arata's hometown. Fukui is called "Karuta kingdom" because competitive karuta is very popular in Fukui.
One of the creators of "Chihayafuru" is born in Awara where she was a Class A player of game. There is also a hot spring in Awara which is an ideal spot to relax and unwind after having explored the area all day long. It takes 10 minutes by bus from Awara Onsen Station.

Then, ”By the port of Naniwa slept a flower through a harsh winter. Spring has come and now the flower blooms"

Access Map

Duration: about 1 hour

Tokyo from Tokyo - Shinkansen → yonehara - express → Awara Onsen about 3 hours and 40 minutes
Osaka from Osaka - express → Awara Onsen about 2 hours
Nagoya from Nagoya - express → Awara Onsen about 2 hours and 30minutes
Hakata from Hakata - Shinkansen → Shin-Osaka - express → Awara Onsen about 4 hours and 30 minutes

Tour Plan

Awara Onsen Station

Arata Wataya lives in Fukui Prefecture Awara City. The main station of Awara is Awara Onsen Station. Fukui is called "Karuta kingdom". Because competitive karuta is widely played in Fukui. One of the creators of "Chihayafuru" is born in Awara where she was a Class A player of game.
Awara Onsen Station takes about two hours by express train from Osaka.

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”Katsugi Bookstore" that Arata worked a part-time job

Arata has a part-time job in the "Katsugi bookstore" in front of the station. This bookstore appeared in Episode 11, 7 minutes 34 seconds. Volume 4 page 6 in the comics.
Arata thought customers, ... But it was a cat. This store doesn't get many customers.
Now, this store has become Chihayafuru gallery. Until the June 12, 2016. Let's visit soon.

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Place Arata was chasing Chihaya with a bicycle

Chihaya and Taichi's train departs at Episode 5, 18 minutes 55 seconds. They still have a quarrel with Arata. "I shouldn't have come" Chihaya regrets. But she found Arata outside the window. Arata desperately chases Chihaya and Taichi's train on his bicycle.
From here to the bridge, is the same way Arata chased Chihaya and Taichi.

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Place Arata was chasing Chihaya with a bicycle 2

Arata desperately chases Chihaya and Taichi's train, but was unable to catch up with it." Episode 5, 19 minutes 45 seconds.
I don’t' want you to come see me. I don't want you to see what I've become! But, I really missed you…"
Arata starts competing in karuta again for a chance to meet Chihaya again.

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Cherry trees that Chihaya was reunited with Arata

This is the spot where Chihaya and Taichi were reunited with Arata. Episode 5, 6 minutes 45 seconds. Or volume 2 page 113 in the comics.
"Do I want to see Arata? Or, do I not want to see Arata?" Chihaya is hesitant to meet Arata. At that time, She met Arata by chance.
The cherry trees are located on the east side of the station. You will find the chimney of the paper mill on the the north side of the plant. It is about a 5-minute walk from the station.

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