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"Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions" is a light novel by Torako. It is a school romantic comedy. Kyoto Animation made the animated version in 2012. They also made a theatre version of the anime in 2013. Furthermore, the anime's second season was released in 2014.
The location of this work is in Otsu and Omihachiman in Shiga Prefecture. It has the same landscape as the anime.
This time, we'll make a tour in Fukui Prefecture Mihama, not Shiga Prefecture. Rikka's parents' home is there. It takes two hours by train. There is only a few trains bound for Mihama. There isn't many others means of transportion to this area, so be careful.
The building, which Rikka's parents' home is modeled after, is in Omihachiman, so we will not go there this time.

Access Map

Duration: 3 hours by walking from the HigashiMihama Station

・from Tokyo - Shinkansen → Maibara - express Shirasagi → Tsuruga → HigashiMihama about 5 hours
・from Sapporo → New Chitose Airport - airplane → Komatsu Airport - bus → Komatsu - express Shirasagi → Tsuruga → HigashiMihama about 8 hours
・from Osaka - express Thunderbird → Tsuruga → HigashiMihama about 3 hours
・from Nagoya - Shinkansen → Maibara - express Shirasagi → Tsuruga → HigashiMihama about 2 hours and 31 minutes
・from Hakata - Shinkansen → Shin-Osaka - express Thunderbird → Tsuruga →HigashiMihama about 6 hours

Tour Plan

"East Mihama Station" nearest station of Rikka's parents' home

7 episode 4:54 During the summer vacation, members of the club and Makoto went to Rikka's parents house, Higashimihama station is the nearest station of the family home.

It takes about 20 minutes by JRObama line from Tsuruga station in Fukui prefecture. There is only one train in an hour. Be careful.

  • Chubu

Bicycle parking lot in East Mihama Station

Episode 7 5: 02

It is a bicycle park where Chine was at rest at Higashimahama station. Because she got drunk on the train, she is taking a rest.

Wow, the world turns around DEATH ...!" The station is an unmanned station. There are only a parking lot and a toilet around. "

  • Chubu

Toilet in East Mihama Station

Episode 7 5: 04

At Higashimihama station. Shinka washed the shirt of Makoto here. She is a good class member.

The warning sign of the toilet is wonderful.

  • Chubu

Beach 1

Episode 7 9: 53

Members of the club and Makoto went swimming in the sea. The place is Sakajiri Beach.

  • Chubu

Convenience store at night

Episode 8 16: 28

Makoto and Kumin senpai went to a convenience store on the way of the walk. That is here.
Makoto makes a misunderstanding. And she calls the status report to Yuta. But in the meantime she left.
It takes 35 minutes on foot from Higashimihama station.

  • Chubu

Beach 2

Episode 7 10: 28

Members of the club and Makoto went swimming in the sea. Members of the club set up a parasol here. This is the Sata coast. It takes about 45 minutes on foot from Sakajiri coast. Unfortunately, we can not swim in the Sata coast. Moreover, it is not clean.

  • Chubu

Point C3

Episode 7 11: 27

Where Yuta was called by Rikka. Point C3". This is Kitada bus stop. It is close to the Sata coast. They go far away by bike from here "

  • Chubu