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The primary school where the setting of 「GIRLS und PANZER der FILM」 was planted is the former Kamioka school which is about two hours drive from Ooarai. Founded in 1879, the property is historic.
In 1911, it was moved to the current location. Subsequently, in 1942 and then in 1962, It has been expanded and now it is in the form. These walls and stones of a school that has gone through the years since the pre-war years are a valuable building.
Unfortunately in 2001, these buildings were decommissioned and are under the administration of the Kamioka Primary School Heritage Preservation Association, which is responsible for their conservation.
The visit is only possible on Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays between 9 am and 4 pm. Free entry.
The nearest train station is Hitachi-Daigo on the Suigun line. From there you have to take the bus, 4 passes only on Saturdays. On foot, it takes 40 minutes. In short, one of the least accessible places of pilgrimage.
This time, visit the most sacred site of 「GIRLS und PANZER der FILM l', the former Kamioka primary school. Making a pilgrimage to these places is not easy.

Access Map

Required time:from HitachiDaigo station. 2 hours.

from Tokyo
Tokyo→Mito (Express)→HitachiDaigo 2 hours.
From Sapporo
ShinChitose airport→Haneda airport(air)→Shinagawa→Mito (Express)→HitachiDaigo 6 hours.
from Osaka
ShinOsaka→Tokyo (Shinkansen)→Mito (Express)→HitachiDaigo 5 hours.
from Nagoya
Nagoya→Tokyo (Shinkansen)→Mito (Express)→HitachiDaigo 4 hours and 30 min.
from Hakata
Hakata→Tokyo (Shinkansen)→Mito (Express)→HitachiDaigo 6 hours and 30 min.

Tour Plan

"Oarai Station" The only railway station Oarai-machi

Oarai Station is only a railway station in Oarai-machi. Because this is the only station it is most likely going to be your starting point for your GuP tour.
There is a tourist information office in the station building. You can get a map of GuP in the tourist office. And, there is display of GuP. It takes 15 minutes by train to get to Oarai Station from JR Mito Station. Parts of the Kashima coastal railway trains have GuP decals.

  • Kanto

Intersection front of Oarai-Resort-Outlet

”Oarai-Resort-Outlet” is a shopping mall in Oarai. This is the front of the intersection that appeared in Episode 4 "Girls und Panzer". The Oarai team goes to the city and turn right at this intersection.(Episode4, 9 minutes 35 seconds)It takes about 15 minutes from Oarai Station.
When you turn left at this intersection, you will find the Oarai Marine Tower.

  • Kanto

"Market Garden" of signboard in Oarai-Resort-Outlet

After a practice game with St. Gloriana, Nishiju visits Oarai-Resort-Outlet. this is the sign that says "Market Garden". (Episode4, 16 minutes 18 seconds)"Market Garden" is the name of the North Building of Oarai-Resort-Outlet. The staff was very pleased, because the name of the North Building was the same as the "Market Garden Operation". There is a crepe shop on the right side of the stairs. You can also find a "Girls und Panzer gallery" in front.

  • Kanto

"Oarai Marin Tower" Oarai of the symbol

This huge blue building is located in Oarai-machi. This is a symbol of Oarai "Oarai Marine Tower" "Oarai Marine Tower" is 60m high. This tower has an observatory on the top floor (55m) where you can have a good view of the town of Oarai. On the second floor you will find a GuP cafe "Panzer vor", where you can drink Darjeeling and Orange Pekoe.

  • Kanto

"Sakaiya" Location of St. Gloriana team passes

In practice game of the St. Gloriana, location of Location of St. Gloriana team passes. Here is the before Sakaiya Rice Shop. (Episode4, 9 minutes 50 seconds)

  • Kanto

Location of Reki-jo team's StuG III ambush for St. Gloriana

In St. Gloriana's practice game, this is the location of Reki-jo team ambush.(Episode4, 10 minutes 8 seconds) Reki-jo team defeated Matilda Ⅱ here. There is no space in which StuG III is hidden in reality. But next to the house of the roof has been reproduced.

  • Kanto

Last battle place of practice game with St. Gloriana

In St. Gloriana's practice game, this is the location where Ankou team's Mk.Ⅳ and Darjeeling's Churchill engaged in combat.(Episode4, 13 minutes 48 seconds)
You can find an "under repair" sign near the intersection.

  • Kanto

"Uochu" Location of Ankou team were in a jam <1>

In St. Gloriana's practice game, this is where Ankou's team cornered in Darjeeling.(Episode4, 12 minutes 45 seconds)
This is the front of the fish shop named "Uochu". This store is named "sword fish" in the anime. "Swordfish" is the name of the United Kingdom's torpedo bomber.
Student Council team's Type38(t) came to help. But...

  • Kanto

"Fukumotorou" Location of Ankou team were in a jam <2>

In St. Gloriana's practice game, this is where Ankou's team cornered in Darjeeling.(Episode4, 12 minutes 50 seconds)
This is the front of the Japanese-style hotel named "Fukumotorou".
The Kanji "福" is upside down in the anime. This is a good luck sign in China, called "Daofu".Tiger wearing this mark was in WWII Kursk battle. Perhaps this has become the motif.
There is a Isuzu Yuri of the panel in front of the inn. And character of "福" of the lantern is turned upside-down.

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