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Kancolle is a popular browser game to fight and grow "Kanmusu" who personified the warship. Kancolle is operated in 2013 start, has been animated in 2015.
Imperial Navy of the facility has become a model in the anime. Former Kure Naval District and Naval Academy, and more.
This time, let's pilgrimage to Seichi of the Kancolle in the naval town of Kure.
It is hard to walk around. It is convenient to use a loop bus "Kuretan".
The bus will depart from the front Kure Station. And this bus will stop at all seichi of Kancolle. In addition, one day ticket is 400 yen. It is profitable!

Access Map

Duration: 3 to 4 hours

・From Tokyo - Shinkansen → Hiroshima → Kure about 4 hours and 30 minutes
・From Sapporo Sapporo → New Chitose Airport - airplane → Haneda Airport - airplane → Hiroshima Airport - bus → Hiroshima → Kure about 7 hours
・Osaka → Shin-Osaka from Osaka - Shinkansen → Hiroshima → Kure about 2 hours and 30 minutes
・Nagoya from Nagoya - Shinkansen → Hiroshima → Kure about 3 hours and 15 minutes
・Hakata from Hakata - Shinkansen → Hiroshima → Kure about 2 hours

Tour Plan

"Kancolle" Yamato Musiam

Kure Maritime Museum have exhibition about Kure naval port history, steel technology and shipbuilding technology. The main exhibition is a one-tenth size model of battleship Yamato. Besides, there is the battleship Mutsu's and heavy cruiser Aoba's main gun, battleship Kongo's boilers and a Zero. There is many treasures you can see if you're a Kancolle fan.
Admission is 500 yen, closed on Tuesday.

  • Chugoku

"Kancolle" Chinju-fu

The Navy base"Chinju-fu" appears in the opening. The model is based on the former Kure Navy base"Kure Chinju-Fu". Now, it is Kure District's Self-Defense Forces Headquarters Office Building.
Because it is a facility of the Self-Defense Forces, you can't enter. However, you can visit only Sunday, and a reservationin advance is required.

  • Chugoku

"Kancolle" Mutsuki waits for Kisaragi to come back in this whar

Episode 4 (22 seconds), Kisaragi does not come back from a sortie. Mutsuki is waiting for her return at this pier.
It is a smaller pier in Areikarasukojima park. In the past, there was still a rail used to carry packages. You can't get inside because they are facilities of the Self-Defense Forces.

  • Chugoku

"Kancolle" Alley Karasukojima park

It is the place where she was running early in the morning. Episode 2, 42 seconds. It's named Areikarasukojima park. The park is located in the immediate vicinity in the first diving team headquarter of the Self-Defense Forces. It is also located in the immediate vicinity of the 1st Submarine Flotilla headquarters of the Self-Defense Forces. You can see the submarine up close in this park. This crane is the symbol of the park. In the past, this crane was loading the torpedos.

  • Chugoku

"Kancolle" Wisteria trellis in the first episode ending

Wisteria trellis appear in the first episode ending (22 minutes 55 seconds). The Wisteria trellis are modeled after Irifuneyama park. This park is located north-east of the former Kure Navy base, but there is actually no seafront.
Also, this park is where Fubuki is running in the opening.

  • Chugoku

"Kancolle" Admiral's house

It is the Kure Navy base Commander-in-Chief official residence. It is the so-called "Admiral's house." This house does not appear in the anime and game, however the Admiral lives there.
This official residence was built in 1905. The front is Western-style, and the back side is Japanese style. Former Commanders-in-Chief lived there too. The roof is scale-shaped tiles. Japanese leather paper covers the wall of the Oval Office. It is a very valuable building.
The admission is 250 yen.

  • Chugoku