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"Beyond the boundary" is a light novel works of Torii Nagomu. Kyoto Animation produced the anime in 2013. The popular movie version of this novel, called "The past" and "The future" was published in 2015.
Hero with the immortal body in a semi-Youmu Akihito Kanbara, and Cute girl Mirai Kuriyama with glasses to try to subdue him. The story starts from their first encounter.
One of the places the story takes place is in Kashihara City, Nara Prefecture. Even though the story doesn't only take place in this city, Kashihara IS the main stage of the story.
The nearest station is Kashiharajingumae Station. It takes about one hour from JR Osaka station.

Access Map

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours from Kashiharajingumae station

・Tokyo from Tokyo - Shinkansen → Kyoto → Kashiharajingumae about 3 hours and 30 minutes
・Sapporo → New Chitose Airport from Sapporo - airplane → Itami Basu → Abe Nokyo → Kashiharajingumae about 5 hours
・Osaka from Osaka → Tennoji → Kashiharajingumae about 1 hour
・Nagoya from Nagoya - Kintetsu → Kashiharajingumae about 2 hours
・Hakata from Hakata - Shinkansen → Shin-Osaka → Tennoji → Kashiharajingumae about 3 hours and 40 minutes

Tour Plan

Kashiharajingu Mae station

Kuriyama-san goes to school by train. Kashiharajingu Mae station is closest to the school. This is also the nearest station in case you want to visit Kashihara.
It's takes about 1hour from JR Osaka. Unlike Episode 10, it is usually not covered in snow as this area doesn't get alot of snow.

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Clock in front of the station

This clock in the station square appeared in Episode 2 20 minutes 26 seconds.

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Railroad crossing on Kuriyama's way to school

Kuriyama always passes this railroad crossing on the way to school. In Episode 2, Akihito invited Kuriyama-san to enter the literary club here.
You can also find the Shindo Photo studio on the left hand side.
This crossing appears in the opening of the show.

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Utility pole with Ayaka's Kekkai

It appeared in the second episode 15 minutes and 15 seconds, a utility pole near the railroad crossing. There is a Ayaka's Kekkai.
Because of this Kuriyama-san was not able to find the Shindo photo studio.

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Way of Shindo photo studio

This is the way to Shindo photo studio.
Shindo photo studio is based on the "coffee house Jashumon" in Setagaya, Tokyo.
The actual shop is not here.

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Kuriyama-san fight beyond the boundary1

Beginning of Episode 11 . Kuriyama-san looks up at the sky in the middle of this intersection, when it starts raining flames.

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Episode 9 , 16 minutes 18 seconds.
Kuriyama and Hiroomi speak on the roof of the school. "I think that just maybe, I really am cursed…"
It is warehouse to appear after the scene.

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Park Akihito questioned Izumi

Episode 11, 6 minutes 34 minutes. Akihito questioned Izumi in this park. Why you did call Kuriyama-san.
The tree is in the show is actually in a different spot than in reality.

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Auntie to chat

Episode 7,7 minutes and 10 seconds. Akihito and Kuriyama-san failed to defeat the Youmu, had bathed in the body fluids of terribly smell Youmu. However, when they approached Auntie turned pale. Because of the terrible smell.

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Akihito's school, "Nagatsuki High School"

Akihito's school, Nagatsuki High School which was modeled after Seishin Gakuen' Secondary school with it's striking blue painted walls. It has also been based on the Campus of Nara College of Arts.which is located opposite of the Seishin Gakuen' Secondary school.
The school is not open for the public.

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Akihito's apartment

This is Akihito's apartment, and its very close to the school. The apartment however is not open to the public as there are people living here.

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Kuriyama-san fight beyond the boundary2

Episode 11 beginning, 35 seconds. After fending off explosive flame attack, this is where Kuriyama-san threw the sword to the sky.

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School visible from Fukada pond

Episode 1, 17 minutes and 59 seconds. Nagatsuki high school visible from the Fukada pond of Kashihara.

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Kuriyama-san fight beyond the boundary3

Episode 11, 10 minutes and 46 seconds. Akihito reads the e-mail from Kuriyama-san.
"I'll be on my way to go see you, Senpai. I'll go…and defeat Beyond the Boundry."
While Akihito was reading the mail, Kuriyama-san was fighting with Byond the Boundry.
She pulled the lightning, and then landing in this arbor.

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