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"Love Live!" was broadcasted in 2013. This anime is set in the anime holy-land, Akihabara.
In Akihabara, there is many important places from the anime: Honoka's home, the famous UTX School, practice location of μ's and Otonokizaka school. Akihabara is the school route of μ's members.
Let's do a pilgrimage to the locations that appear in Season 1. Start point is Akihabara Station, and the last stop is Honoka's home where you can take a break.

Access Map

Akihabara Station → GAMERS main shop → UTX School → School idle shop → Myojin Otokozaka → Kanda Myojin → Shohei Bridge → Honoka's home (time required: about 1 hour)

・Tokyo → Akihabara (about 5 minutes)
・Sapporo → New Chitose Airport - (airplane) → Haneda Airport → Akihabara (about 4 hours)
・Osaka → Shin-Osaka - (bullet train) → Tokyo → Akihabara (about 3 hours)
・Nagoya - (bullet train) → Tokyo → Akihabara (about 2 hours)
・Fukuoka Airport - (airplane) → Haneda Airport → Akihabara (about 3 hours and 30 minutes)

Tour Plan

Gamers main shop

Gamers main shop is located in Akihabara Station. This shop often appears in "Love Live!". It appears for the first time in Episode 3 (5 minutes and 50 seconds). Umi distributes the flyer in front of the store to overcome stage fright.

  • Kanto

"UTX school" A-RISE are enrolled

Members of the idol group A-RISE enroll at the elite UTX School.
UTX school appears in "Love Live!" Season 1 Episode 1 (11 minutes).
UTX school is modelled on Akihabara UDX. It is located on the north side of Akihabara Station(Electric Town exit)Tokyo Anime Center is in this building where you can get informayion on animes.

  • Kanto

School idle shops"

"School Idols shop" appears in "Love Live!" Episode 9 (5 minutes and 30 seconds). This is a School Idols goods specialty store. Honoka really excited, because there is a corner of μ's. School Idols Shop is modeled on "Akiba-kei Idol Shop" It is close to the Tokyo Metro Suehiro-cho Station.

  • Kanto

"Mojin Otokozaka"μ's training location

Myojin Otokozaka are the stairs on the east side of Kanda Myojin Shrine. Myojin Otokozaka first appearance is in "Love Live!" Episode 2 (11 minutes and 30 seconds). Honoka and Kotori run up the stairs every day, for the basic physical training. Umi is the drill sergeant.

  • Kanto

"Kanda Mojin" Spiritual places

Tojo Nozomi is a miko at the Kanda Myojin Shrine. In addition, it is Honoka's practice location. It appears in Episode 2 and, also, in Season 2 opening and ending. It is one of the most holy places in Japan. For this reason, there are a lot of Ema of "Love Live" at this shrine.

  • Kanto

"Shohei Bridge" Honoka's school road

Shohei Bridge is located on Honoka's school road.This bridge appears for the first time, "Love Live!" Episode 1 (10 minutes and 45 seconds).This bridge is often appeared in "Love Live!", Because the bridge is in the school route. Honoka's house is close too.

  • Kanto

"Takemura" Honoka's home

Honoka's house is modeled after "Takemura". It is the "Japanese sweets shop Homura".
It appears in Episode 1 of "Love Live!" (10 minutes 50 seconds)
It is a historic house located between two buildings. Because "Takemura" is a wooden building built in 1930, it is selected as one of Tokyo Metropolitan Selected Historical Buildings. However, taking pictures prohibited in the building(Food is OK)
It is a 10 minute walk south of Akihabara Station (Electric Town Exit)

  • Kanto