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「Love live! Sunshine !! 」, a project derived from the hit animated「 Lovelive! 」Is an animated aired in 2016 that happens in Numazu, Shizuoka prefecture. The scenes focus on three different places: the Numazu train station, the Uchiura area where the Uranohoshi female institute where Chika and her friends study, and finally in Awajima, an island in Uchiura Bay.
introduce you to Awajima. This is where you find the dive shop where Kanan works and the temple of Awajima where the 「Aqours」 train.
To get there, take a bus to Numazu Station and get off at Awashima Marine Park Station and then get to the island by ferry. As the whole island is a theme park, you have to pay an entrance fee: 1800 yen for an adult including the round trip ferry.
On the island, you will find an aquarium as well as "Theater of frogs" where you can discover rare species. It is also possible to have fun at a dolphin and seal show. Moreover, the island offers a superb view of Mount Fuji. Together with the other pilgrims, let us cross Awajima along the paths that cross it.

Access Map

Required time:from Numazu station. 3 hours. 30min. from Nuamazu station to Awashima Marine Ferry.

from Tokyo
Tokyo→Mishima (Shinkansen)→Numazu (Shinkansen) 1 hour.
From Sapporo
ShinChitose airport→Haneda airport(air)→Shinagawa→Mishima (Shinkansen)→Numazu (Shinkansen) 5 hour and 30 min.
from Osaka
ShinOsaka→Mishima (Shinkansen)→Numazu (Shinkansen) 3hours
from Nagoya
Nagoya→Mishima (Shinkansen)→Numazu (Shinkansen) 2hours
from Hakata
Hakata→Fukuoka airport→Shizuoka airport(air)→Shimada(bus)→Numazu(bus) 5hours

Tour Plan


Awajima is a deserted island floating on the shore of Suruga, today is a theme park called "Ashimawari Marine Park". It is the island that served as a model, and where are located the dive shop in which Kanan works, the "Love Live! Sunshine", or the house of Mari, "Hotel Ohara". As the whole island is transformed into a theme park, it is necessary to pay 1800 Yen (price including the round trip by ferry) per adult to enter. Chika and You also used the ferry to reach the island to visit Kanan in the first chapter. (9 minutes 43 seconds) On this island is a "frog museum" with rare specimens, as well as an aquarium. You can see dolphins or sea lion shows among others. You can also see Mt. Fuji from this island. Let us look around of this pilgrimage to visit the surroundings of the island.

  • Chubu

the jetty of Awajima

It is the jetty of Awajima. This is where you can get to Awajima. When Chika and You visit Kanan in the first chapter of the animated, They use this jetty to reach the island. (10 minutes 47 seconds) The building that can be seen on the other bank is that of The aquarium. In front of it, a dolphin show takes place.

  • Chubu

the dive shop where Kanan works.

This is the dive shop where Kanan works. Awajima's "Frog Museum" served as a model for this place. One can see rare specimens of frogs. It is an inevitable place for lovers of frogs. Starting from the jetty, beyond the aquarium, it is a bit far. Chika and You were eating crushed ice in Chapter 12. (5 minutes 30 seconds)

  • Chubu

Shrine of Awajima

Speaking of star training, we obviously think of the climb of stairs of the shrine! Chika and the others train to climb the Torii from the Shine of Awajima. Kanan is able to climb it every day without sweat, it is truly amazing. I would like to challenge myself, but a sign that says "Do not run" prevents me. As they get closer to the summit, the trails become more and more steep, making them dangerous. Let us therefore climb the mountain by walking. This place is located a few steps from the "museum of the frog" (There are even some penguins on the way.)

  • Chubu

a sign "Courage"

Climbing further after the Torii of the shrine of Awajima, one can see a sign "Courage". It was here that Chika and the others had stopped to rest. (Chapter 4 8 minutes 59 seconds) However, this place is only a third of the summit. The road is still long to the summit. ourage to climb step by step

  • Chubu

the place where Hanamaru called Daiya

This is the place where Hanamaru called Daiya, so that she asked Ruby what her feelings were. (Chapter 4 17 minutes 11 seconds) Close to the staircase leading to the shrine Awajima is the panorama rest site. There is a view over the sea. (It is nevertheless impossible to see Mount Fuji ...) If you feel tired of your climbing, rest once in this place.

  • Chubu

Shrine of Awajima

It is the main sanctuary of the shrine of Awajima, 136 meters high. It is a 30-minute walk from Torii. In Chapter 4, Ruby and Hanamaru make their temporary entry into the star school group. For their specific training, they have to climb the stairs of the shrine of Awajima, exercise to which Ruby succeeds without any difficulty. In the animated, there is no place Ema, but in reality, a large number of Ema exists. In chapter 9, the shrine danced by Kanan is not actually this one, but the temple of Bentenjima.

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