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"Lucky ☆ Star" is a four-frame comic by Yoshimizu Kagamino. Kyoto Animation has made the animated version of this work in 2007.
This work is a popular. It ranked first in "This anime is amazing!" award in 2008. The location of this work is modeled around Satte city in Saitama Prefecture, birthplace of the author.

Let's make a pilgrimage to Washinomiya situated in Washimiya area. Washimiya area is one of the most important places for "Lucky ☆ Star" fans because it's the home of the Hiragi sisters. Many fans visit the area. Washinomiya is also famous as the town of "Moe-okoshi". "Moe-okoshi" was designed to envigorate the town by using the character of the anime.

The nearest station is Washinomiya Station on Tobu Railway. It takes about an hour from Tokyo.

Access Map

Washimiya Station → Miyamae Bridge → Washimiya shrine Torii → Washimiya shrine ema offices → Washimiya shrine chōzuya → Washimiya shrine (journey time: about 45 minutes)

・Tokyo - (JR) → Kuki - (Tobu) → Washimiya (about 1 hour)
・New Chitose Airport - (airplane) → Haneda Airport - (Keikyu) → Asakusa - (Tobu) → Washimiya (about 4 hours)
・Shin-Osaka from Osaka - (bullet train) → Tokyo - (JR) → Kuki - (Tobu) → Washimiya (about 4 hours)
・Nagoya - (bullet train) → Tokyo - (JR) → Kuki - (Tobu) → Washimiya (about 3 hours)
・Fukuoka Airport - (airplane) → - (Keikyu) → Asakusa - (Tobu) → Washimiya (about 4 hours)

Tour Plan

"Miyamae Bridge" School road of Hiiragi sisters

Miyamae Bridge is located in front of Washinomiya shrine. This bridge is appeared in "Lucky ☆ Star" episode 9 (9 minutes and 30 seconds). Hiragi's sister go to school across this bridge. And, Kagami has a phone call here in the episode 23 of "Lucky ☆ Star" (9 minutes) Washinomiya shrine is located just across the bridge.

  • Kanto

"Shrine gate of Washinomiya shrine"Place where Kagami is at the opening

This is the torii of Washimiya shrine. Kagami is walking here In the opening of "Lucky Star" (28 seconds). "Daigochaya tea shop" is on your right. This restaurant was renovated from an old private house. There is a menu which imaged "Lucky Star". For example "Balsamic vinegar parfait of Tsukasa"

  • Kanto

Ema hanging plants of Washinomiya shrine

Ema hanging plants appear in "Lucky ☆ Star" episode 12 (17 minutes). Currently, there are a lot of Ema with drawn illustrations of "Lucky ☆ Star"on those plants.

  • Kanto

Chōzuya of Washinomiya shrine

Chōzuya apears in "Lucky ☆ Star" Episode 12 (15 minutes). The sign has been reproduced in the anime.

  • Kanto

"Washinomiya shrine" Home of Hiiragi sisters

The father of Hiragi is the chief priest of Takamiya Shrine. It is modeled after Washinomiya Shrine. This shrine has history. It is thought to be the oldest in the Kanto area.
This shrine makes its first appearance in "Lucky ☆ Star" Episode 1 (13 minutes and 40 seconds). Konata comes on New Year to visit visit the shrine (Episode 12)
Many of the "Lucky ☆ Star" fan now come comes on New Year to visit the shrine.

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